Best Health&care Tips For Your Pet Dog

Whether you have just adopted a new dog or you’ve had dogs for your whole life there’s bound to be something in this list of dog health and care tips that you didn’t know but should know.

As someone who had worked in animal fields for years now, or maybe adopted the dog from past many years, There is my commitment that this huge list of dog health & care tips will help you be a better parent parent for your pet.

Dog Health&Care Tips

Get Pet Insurane

Unexpected accidents and emergency can happen anytime – anywhere and any kind of diseases or illnesses often cost many bucks. As much as you take care of your pet dog somehow they get ill, this can quickly become a financial burden. Pet insurance can help to cover these unexpected costs, long term health conditions, prescription medicine and more, making it an important investment for one of the members of your family.

Make a Dog first aid kit

Emergencies and accident happen for your dog at anytime and an immediate treatment is necessary for your dog and for that you are responsible. This is especially very important if you take your dog out for a street walk, camping or hiking, At any time whenever you may be far from your pet to help there should be a first aid kit which will help the dog feel comfortable for sometime.

Don’t overfeed your Dog

More than half the population those who have dogs their dogs found to be obese or overweight and this number is increasing. Overweight dogs are at high risk of metabolic diseases, joint diseases or joint pain, cardiovascular disease, a lowered immune system, heart problems etc and many other health problems. They also cannot to the basic activities like running, playing, or do other activities as much as they want to do it. Please feed your dog the amount that is recommended by their veterinarian.

Keep your trash packed

Dogs are likes the delicious smell of your trash and may eat things that are toxic, harmful, or not digestive, so make sure your trash is packed properly in an air tight garbage bag. Eatinf of other objects or toxic substances could lead to costly emergency surgeries.

Brush tour dog’s teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is very important and first job of you as a parent, it is also important for their overall health and avoiding the expensive dental treatments in the future. Make this a habit of their normal routine and make sure to use a toothpaste and toothbrush made specifically for dogs. With a little bit of training and time, teeth brushing can be a fun activity for your pet every day.

Keep your dog away from human food

Many human foods, such as avocados, chocolates or onions, are very toxic to dogs and can have serious affect to their health. Keep human food out of their reach and be very careful with chewing gum and candies, as it has sugar, sugar-like substance are toxic to dogs. Don’t feed your dog human foods unless and until it is recommended by your veterinarian. Some human foods, like pumpkin, normal chicken or plain rice may be recommended intentionally by your veterinarian for specific reasons such as digestive system, diarrhea or to help hide oral medication. In these cases human food may be appropriate for your dog.

Go for a walk with your Dog

Regular walks for your dog is important. A dog in good general shape can enjoy a 15 to 30 minute walk daily. Most breeds may need a routine walks several times per day. However dogs with excellent health can enjoy long walks provide many benefits for your dog, including preventing boredom, keeping them at a healthier weight, helping the digestive tract, and helping them to burn off excess energy. By giving them a better outlet, you may find bad behaviors, like chewing, barking or digging, decrease too


Regular exercise with your Dogs

Race your dog in the garden or park try to do yoga with your dog, climb stairs with your dogs, take them on an adventurous hike, play with the dog with ball etc You’ll both get the benefits of exercise as you have fun together.

Correct their bad behavior

Dogs are like small baby or infants they have a very short memory and if you scold them for doing something wrong after few minutes later, they will not correlate the scolding with the bad behavior. Scold them only if you catch them in the act. On the other hand always give your dog positive vibes and rewards right away for good behavior to appreciate the repetition of this behavior.

Make appointments of veterinarian

Let the veterinarian examine that your pet does not have any diseases and also regularly check them for any health issues and to provide you with the best, proper information to keep your precious dogs healthy for many years.

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